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Medical Device Industry Five-year Plan For The Forthcoming

According to reliable sources, compiled by the Ministry of national Thirteen-Five development plan of the pharmaceutical industry recently will soon introduce, which also contains the contents of the medical equipment, worth a look.

Previously Artus Cimber blue devices had was informed that, about medicine industrial, and drug circulation of Thirteen-Five planning platform for early on has drafting finished, but has been no official released, which reasons may and "health China 2030 Planning platform for" of released time about, after all "health China platform for" is future 15 years of action programme of, medicine health industry the field of sent development platform for, ought to in "health China platform for" system zhixia to adjustment and perfect.

Specific content on Thirteen-Five plan of the pharmaceutical industry, we are not yet available, but supports the direction of the country and society, from the current industry trends and related domestic medical imaging, in vitro diagnostics and instruments, medical robots and other innovative therapeutic devices, advanced mobile medical products, or it will become priority areas for national support.

Among them, as early as five years ago, the pharmaceutical industry Twelve-Five issued by the Ministry of development planning, has already been mentioned:

Demand for large, wide application of medical imaging devices, in vitro diagnostic equipment, first aid and surgical equipment, specialized medical equipment, to advance the core components, the development of key technologies, raise the level of the localization of the equipment.

Development of primary health care institutions and family with affordable medical devices, improve product reliability, security, and digital and informational levels. Development of artificial organs and tissue engineering products, as well as body implants and treatment of medical materials, and improve the level of development of biomedical materials.

Eventually, the Thirteen-Five plan of the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices what is the content? Let us wait and see. But we believe that will be beneficial to society and industry.