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Hot Sales Talent Position

Regional aspects view, as October 2016 early, line area still is the class talent demand larger of area, recruitment needs also always keep with more fast of growth, which Beijing growth most fast, compared gains over 18%, second is Guangdong, and Shanghai, and last year earlier compared respectively rose 19.5%, and 13%; other area in the Jiangsu, and Hubei, and Zhejiang, and Shandong, and Hebei of compared gains home forefront, respectively for 18%, and 14%, and 17%, and 17.6%, and 13.8%.

Analysis of positions, along with the increasing policy support as well as the development of medical device technology, medical device jobs are popular "gold and nine silver ten" recruiting season, including sales representatives, medical device registrations/declarations, medical device development, device inspection, equipment bidding gang talented supplying jobs compared with the same period last year, were up, 21.2%, 15.1%, 18.6%, and 11%. In this regard, the recruitment consultant medical excellence, beginning in September, the major companies will usher in the traditional recruiting season, social recruitment and campus recruitment will usher in peak, opportunity enterprises selecting talents will greatly increase.

Recruitment consultant also pointed out that current recruiting situation, medical device sales representative is one of the hottest posts: this is because medical equipment sales industry is developing rapidly, so it needs a lot of new blood into; the other is because the traditional medical equipment sales techniques and marketing model of aging, is necessary to introduce a new type of professional sales personnel. He stressed that the medical device industry is different from ordinary sales, it has the characteristics of a knowledge-intensive and capital-intensive, the barriers to entry are relatively high, and because of higher product prices, the use of long cycle, customer requirements and also to the sales staff has brought a lot of problems and challenges in recruiting such personnel, HR should pay more attention to a person's overall quality.