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Chinese Medical Device Policy Favorable Sales Demand Up 12%

Recently, national health family planning, and industrial and information Department in Beijing joint held advance domestic medical equipment development application led group workshop, Conference stressed to seriously implement implementation national health and Health Assembly spirit, further to problem and target for oriented, widened support domestic medical equipment development application of field, sound perfect innovation, and production, and configuration, and clinical application, the link of policy support system, strengthened development production and application of combined, mobilization parties enthusiasm, improve domestic medical equipment of market competitiveness Speed up the progress of domestic medical devices "go" step.

Health China, promoting University-industry interaction, not only will open up broad prospects for the development of medical equipment, but it will also drive the demand for jobs in related fields. Network of excellence of its medical network of excellence of the latest job data show that as of early October 2016, the recruitment needs of the pharmaceutical industry up 10.3% from a year earlier, due to policy tilted to the medical device industry, so since September, medical equipment talented person hot job market in the pharmaceutical industry, job demand rose to 12% compared with the previous year.