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Orthopedic Surgery nursing homes

Orthopedic patients when touching the pins of damages. they are mainly keen awareness from a disease state, eager to exacerbate the pain as soon as possible, ahead of surgery. Due to diseases and surgeries of anxious panic, such as poor appetite, sleep well: profound hope medical doctor for surgery: hope lost maintenance staff more quality stewards orthopedic surgical instruments. So, is necessary but the patient, having peace of mind to let them charge nurse doctor, responsibility, introduced the diagnose, treatment, maintenance, catering, preoperative health lessons, responding to patient's questions. the cure disease patients, giving them to confront the disease and surgery g.

1 preoperation visit: 1d visit patients prior to surgery, through access to medical records, white patients generally, claim that such as vital signs, diagnosis, surgery, anesthesia, history of present illness, past having opinions. ② maintenance during operation: help doctors surgery conservation. Guaranteed operation inform the innocent, exactly, keep operating monotone, neat, sterile, properly cut specimen in the custody, visiting care check the electric knife, pull, regulate in good lighting, close inventory status, maintaining transfusion for hysteresis. actively supplied with all required on the operating table, end of Orthopedic surgical instruments to ensure operation smooth. ③ follow-up: patients with postoperative 3~5d by patrol to protect the patient development follow-up. visit patients after recovery, care about patient discomfort or pain, development of operative satisfaction of query, assess the recovery process.