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High-risk orthopedic disease is no longer the elderly?

Modern city faces enormous social pressure and pressure, thus also produces a wide variety of disease, while it is at the onset of illness in the elderly, also occur in young people. Many young people have long endured afflicted with joint pain, TI Kan joint pain not up and down, unable to take a step on foot, squat hard, sound of friction joints, water retention, swelling and even serious joint deformation. Bone Spurs, SYNOVITIS, and meniscal injury, necrosis of the femoral head is a common clinical manifestation. But because of the layer of articular cartilage is avascular tissue, a lack of blood supply, make treatment difficult.

Many exercise jogging, walking, aerobics, Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword, and so on. But note that, exercise in moderation, moderate exercise can increase the power of the lumbar muscles and ligaments around to maintain spinal stability, slow bone hyperplasia. Excessive exercise can make the ligaments around the lumbar spine bone holding tension increases, accelerated promotion of intervertebral disc degeneration, promoting bone hyperplasia. This clinical professional athletes can often see on obvious degenerative lumbar hyperosteogeny, similar to the elderly.

Experts suggest that adhere to the waist muscles exercising every day, you can keep the lumbar lordosis, lumbar muscle strength, maintenance of stability of lumbar spine, lumbar hyperosteogeny alleviation. Others orthopaedic diseases there is no awareness, results for orthopedic surgery, then there are many orthopedic surgical instruments are constantly improving.