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China medical device industry

Is in Chinese is a medical tool industry of the future will be thrown up two major trends: the first production equipment all imported manufactured goods, followed by property demotion replacement, including industry consolidation. Relatively large companies such as MINDRAY, vsgo, minimally invasive and enterprise development encountered bottlenecks, orthopedic device manufacturer merger and House qualified for the new generation will be the mainstream industry. The past few years, health care mergers and the number has been growing.

Overseas medical equipment industry development control quickly, but fast-growing is low the whole generic products. In high-end build with foreign countries vary greatly, it is also stated that high-build space. Policy, save the Kingdom Wei Wei initiated production of medical equipment, focus on three hospital using medical equipment manufacturing rebound in future development of the medical equipment has a lot of space. Seize the international high-end market with limited became one of corporate efforts abroad got.