Hospital Equipment for Coxae Replacement Surgery and Articular Surgery Large Power Orthopedic Reamer Drill

Product Details

Hospital equipment for coxae replacement surgery and articular surgery  large power orthopedic reamer drill


1.Suitable for in bone joint operation .

2.Mainly used in grinding bone tissue, acetabulum reaming.

3.Large torque and positioning accuracy can be connected by any brand acetabular grinder and medullary cavity reamer.

4. low noise, high torque, long service life.

5.Quick coupling customized avaliable, tool connecting is very convenient and quick,higher stability.

6.Diameter of drill chuck 0-8mm

7.Battery capacity2500mA/h

8.Rated speed≥120rpm

9.Rating torque13Nm

10.Charging voltage14.4V

11.Sterilization HTHP

12.Sterilizing temperature 134°C-138°C

13.Noise ≤60db

Standard Configuration

One handpiece , Two batteries, One charger , One aseptic battery transfer ring , One operating  manual , One guarantee card , One certificate


 Handpiece warranty is 12 months and lifetime maintenance. Battery warranty is 3 months.


1..With Integrated Design, the bone drill and saw  have excellent sealing.Therefore, when the device is sterilized, the motor will be damaged less and the decomposition of vibration is strong ,so that the noise is very small.

2.Ergonomic Design, the weight of top and bottom are almost same, so it is felt comfortable and avoid hand fatigue when using the product.

3.The battery capacity is larger than similar products in the market to make the power to satisfy the customers' needs.

4.Imported Motor can increase operation efficiency and precision.


1、Before the operation,the bone drill must be sterilized according to the sterilization.Battery and charger must not be sterilized.

2、Before the operation,the battery must be filled,and the filled battery must be cooled and then put into the handpiece.

3、After use,must to be cleaned,then remove the battery.And don’t put the battery and the handpiece together.Do not drop impact , to damage the battery. 

4、Don’t put the battery in the place where the temperature is higher than 40℃

5、If there is abnormal phenomena during the operation,stop using it.

6、Prohibited in flammable, explosive materials nearby

7、If don’t use for long time, the battery should be regularly charged to ensure the battery life.

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